Monday, December 14, 2009

Boy Wedgies Girl Laughing Stock Of School! (AKA Wedgie Boy)?

Laughing stock of school! (AKA wedgie boy)? - boy wedgies girl

Ok, so I had a bad week lol. It all started earlier in the week. I was getting in the class and Bendin my book out of my closet. I think the belt of my underwear showed aa young girl went with the words "Nice tighty whiti. Laugh, but he asked for a couple of guys who come, who went to take my tighty whiti. Everyone has a good laugh about. I thought It was so off, I tried, he was not. I have another song of the day Sunday, then the next day a little more in the gym. Also during the practical question that I received few. It is not easy with tighty whiti in the ass, run! But the real problem, now I am a "wedgie boy" famous for girls and boys. What should I do? "I know that if I move to go on a Monday, we not my clothes back!

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